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This Flags Trivia Quiz is really unusual. It feels just like you are playing a fast game. You are given fourteen Flags questions to answer which become increasingly difficult. A whole range of questions about the most famous and some not-so-famous flags and their nations! The Flags Trivia Quiz is in a multi-choice format, there's no typing - you just point and click to the answer of your choice.



Flags Trivia Quiz!

This Game can drive you crazy so before you answer a Flags Trivia Quiz question make sure you are confident of your answer. Are you sure? Are you REALLY Sure? We hope you will have fun playing and learn some more information at the same time! Will you be able to enter the Winner's Hall of Fame for the Flags Trivia Quiz ? Be Warned - this quiz is not easy!


Canton - Flag Terminology

Flag Terminology - Did you Know ?
  • The design and description uses specific flag terminology based on Heraldic principles
  • Animal blazons should always appear with the heads facing the flag - staff side
  • The Study of the Flags is called Vexillology
  • Your interest in flags makes you a Vexillologist!
  • Increase your knowledge - Play the Flag Quiz

We hope that the presentation of facts and information regarding each of the National Flags of the World will prove to be a useful educational resource. Test your knowledge of Flags and Vexillology and the Flags of all the Nations with our interactive, multi-choice, picture-based Flags Trivia Quiz Game - it's fast and it's fun! If you answer all questions correctly you will earn the right to enter the Vexillologist Hall of Fame!

Flag History & Evolution:
  • The idea of flying a flag grew from the requirements of ancient warfare and the battlefield
  • Shields were painted with emblems to identify Friend or Foe
  • Warriors needed to know where their leaders were - the custom of carrying a pole was adopted
  • An emblem such as a shield, animal or religious device was attached to the pole for identification
  • The emblems were also used for identity and to cover suits of armour - Coats of Arms  were born
  • These emblems were the forerunners of modern flags
  • The Romans were the first to use a cloth flag - they were square and fastened to cross bars at the end of spears - the idea of fastening a flag to the side of a pole soon followed
  • The strict rules of Heraldry are still used when designing an emblem and creating anew flag

Flags Trivia Quiz

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